How to fix Game Pass Not Working error in Palworld

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Players have reported that they’re unable to access Palworld due to the Game Pass Not Working error. Here are a few possible fixes to this issue.

Despite being released in an early access state, Palworld has been selling like hotcakes, and that says a lot about Pocketpair’s latest open-world and survival game.

Now that early access is available on Xbox Game Pass, players can finally delve into the vivid regions of Palworld and carry out their adventures. That said, much like other multiplayer games during launch day, it’s not without a fair amount of issues.

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Some players have been experiencing the Game Pass Not working error in Palworld. Fortunately, there are a few simple possible workarounds to try to get the game running.

How to fix Game Pass Not Working error in Palworld on Xbox


Perhaps you’ve already made up your mind about which Pals you’re going to get or imagined your dream base. But alas, you’re met with the Game Pass Not Working error, leaving you unable to play. 

Well, if this is happening to you, you can try to solve the issue by essentially resetting your console.

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  1. On the Xbox main menu screen, select Settings.
  2. Head to System.
  3. Select Console Info.
  4. Next, select the Reset Console option.
  5. Choose Reset and Keep My Games & Apps.

Doing this should reset your console into a fresh state without having to remove the game. Try to see if you can launch Palworld afterward.

How to fix Game Pass Not Working error in Palworld on PC

Assuming you’ve already tried restarting the game on PC via Game Pass, verifying and repairing the game is another method you can try.

  1. Launch the Xbox app.
  2. In your game library, select Palworld.
  3. Right-click the game and select Manage.
  4. Choose the Verify and Repair option under the Files tab.
  5. Wait until the process is finished.

These are possible methods to solve the Game Pass Not Working error in Palworld. Unfortunately, if none of them are working, you’ll have to be patient and wait it out since the servers seem to be unstable due to a surge in players. Thankfully, devs are aware of the server issues and are working to get things sorted.

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