Gmail’s unsubscribe button finally arrives on Android

Not long ago, we informed you about Google’s efforts to introduce a convenient “unsubscribe” button in Gmail for Android. Surprisingly, this feature was initially made available to iOS users. However, now, the wait is over, as Android users can also benefit from this quick method to stop receiving those pesky emails you might have accidentally subscribed to.As spotted by Android Police, the new unsubscribe button in Gmail for Android is rolling out, strategically located at the email’s top section. Clicking on it will either request confirmation through a popup dialog or direct users to the newsletter’s unsubscribe website. The actual process varies based on how the newsletter publisher has integrated the unsubscribe option.

The unsubscribe button has been a feature of the Gmail web experience for some time, positioned at the top of emails for user convenience in unsubscribing from unwanted emails. Clicking on this button may lead you directly to the sender’s website for the unsubscribe process, or in many cases, it functions automatically, offering a confirmation of the unsubscribed status.

Up until now, the Gmail mobile app didn’t make things as easy. While you could find options for blocking and reporting spam hidden in the 3-dot menu, there was no straightforward button for unsubscribing. Android mobile app users had to manually scroll through the email content to find the unsubscribe link, which was a bit more time-consuming and effortful, given that these links are usually tucked away in a small font.

You can still mark emails as spam or phishing using the three dots on the top right of the email. Just be sure it’s really spam, or you might accidentally make your spam filter too strict and miss important messages. Not everyone has access to the unsubscribe button yet, so you might need to wait a bit longer for it to show up on your device.

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