Twitch viewers baffled as new ‘topless’ meta goes viral on platform

Virginia Glaze

Viewers on Twitch were left baffled after a woman’s topless broadcast seemingly skirted the platform’s guidelines, going viral on social media and sparking backlash online.

Twitch is one of the net’s top broadcasting platforms, filled with a wide array of live content for just about anyone to enjoy.

However, some streamers have discovered certain strategies for optimizing their channels — something popularly called a ‘meta.’

For example, Twitch became the subject of scrutiny in 2021 after the ‘hot tub meta’ and ‘ASMR metas’ took over the site. These broadcasts were known for showing scantily clad women streaming from hot tubs or getting a bit intimate with expensive microphones. (You get the idea.)

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Now, another so-called “meta” is taking hold of the platform, leaving viewers outraged and confused.

Twitch streamer sparks outrage over viral ‘topless’ broadcast

On December 8, a clip from streamer, cosplayer, and OnlyFans model ‘Morgpie’ went viral on social media, showing the creator seemingly standing fully nude in front of the camera. However, the camera cut off just above any sensitive bits — but many viewers feel that she went too far.

She isn’t the only streamer engaging in this ‘topless’ meta, either. Other broadcasters have also streamed similar content, leaving commenters across social media baffled as to how this content hasn’t warranted a ban for violating the platform’s Community Guidelines on Sexually Explicit Content.

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Twitch’s Guidelines on Adult Nudity prohibit female presenting individuals from showing “breasts with exposed nipples,” unless they are “actively breastfeeding a child.” Many viewers argue that these streamers are finding ways to skirt Twitch’s Guidelines on this matter.

Morgpie doesn’t seem too bothered by the backlash against her, even poking fun at fellow creator CinnamonToastKen by urging him to take part in the new “meta.”

This current kerfuffle rings quite similar to the ‘hot tub meta’ chaos of 2021, which resulted in Twitch creating a separate category for ‘Pools, Hot Tubs & Beaches.’ However, many Twitch streamers and viewers were unhappy with this change, and still more are demanding action from the platform in regards to this latest viral ‘meta.’

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