Danny Duncan kicked out of Walmart alongside viral ex-employee Gail Lewis

Meera Jacka

Danny Duncan’s latest video has seen him team up with TikTok star Gail Lewis, only for both to be kicked out of Walmart.

Controversial YouTuber and vlogger Danny Duncan has teamed up with viral TikTok star Gail Lewis in a bizarre collaboration that saw the two take a trip to Walmart.

Lewis rose to stardom by famously quitting her job at the American multinational retail corporation after having spent 10 years with the company.

Now, she has returned to where it all began, only this time, Lewis brought company.

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After a hospital visit ended with him in a wheelchair, Duncan declared he needed a “strong female presence” to help with his recovery — Lewis. The two then headed to Walmart to see what mischief could be made.

Purchasing some new fits and finding the electronics department, Lewis “hacked” the PA system to make an announcement. In a tribute to her first viral video, Lewis said, “Attention Walmart, this is Gail Lewis, Morris, Illinois 8-4-4, signing out, good night.”

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While Duncan and Lewis were amused by their antics, employees of the store were not. A manager informed Lewis that the media were not allowed in-store and neither was photography of any sort, kicking the pair out. Despite vacating Walmart, police were called in for trespassing.

However, the officers were in good spirits after recognizing both Duncan and Lewis, even joking around with them. Despite explaining the situation to Walmart, management told police they “only [wanted] the YouTuber,” resulting in a 1-year ban from the store. And although Duncan was the only one targeted by Walmart, Lewis chose to “go down with him.”

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Viewers obsessed over the unexpected partnership between YouTuber and TikTok star in the comments, hailing it as “the collab we didn’t know we needed.”

“Loved the dynamic between these two! Would love to see more content together,” one person wrote. Another said, “Danny and Gail. Who [would have] thought!! Dream team.”

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