WhatsApp to bring a new feature, allowing you to securely share files with people nearby

WhatsApp is developing its own Bluetooth sharing feature for users nearby. It will be available in a future version of the app, which now more than 2.7 billion people use.

As per WABetaInfo, the trusted source for WhatsApp scoops, the Meta-owned app is in the works on a Bluetooth file-sharing tool for nearby users. To use it, both parties need to open the “Share Files” section and stay there until the transfer finishes. What is more, the end-to-end encryption remains intact for secure sharing, just like WhatsApp’s usual file-sharing method.

WhatsApp has recently introduced a feature enabling users to share files of up to 2GB in size, and now, in the latest WhatsApp beta for Android (version update, available on the Google Play Store, it has been uncovered that WhatsApp is actively developing this new file-sharing feature for users nearby.


The screenshot makes it clear: users not only have to open the “Share Files” section for file exchanges but also need to shake their device to generate a share request. This controlled approach adds an interesting, although not very convenient, twist to the sharing process.

This feature could be handy for WhatsApp users, although with Google and Samsung’s recent Quick Share updates, its necessity might not align with Meta’s expectations. Google’s Nearby Share and Samsung’s Quick Share are set to merge into a unified app named Quick Share. This streamlined approach will simplify the process of sending photos, files, and text between Android phones.

Nevertheless, introducing a feature in WhatsApp for file-sharing with nearby users brings its own set of advantages. This feature allows users to swiftly share files with nearby individuals, perfect for situations demanding a quick and direct transfer. For instance, you can quickly share a presentation with colleagues at a meeting without an internet connection.

Plus, the privacy and security of users are maintained as the phone number stays hidden to non-contacts during every file exchange.

The upcoming file-sharing feature with nearby users is currently in the works and is expected to be included in a future app update. Meanwhile, WhatsApp is also cooking up another feature, enabling users to share polls in channels, and is introducing additional text formatting tools.

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