Weekly poll results: Asus ROG Phone 8/8 Pro attract attention, but could do with a price cut

The last page of our Asus ROG Phone 8/8 Pro review begins with “The ROG Phone is not a cheap device.” And we’re not the only ones that feel that way, in fact, it was the common sentiment in last week’s poll.

Our review ends on a positive note and we found that Asus succeeded in its quest to make the ROG Phone 8 models more appealing to mainstream consumers. Many still see it as a gaming phone and aren’t interested in it, but maybe they will reconsider.

As for others, a hotly debated topic in the comments was the switch to a punch hole camera. The ROG phones were among the last to keep the selfie camera embedded in the top bezel – but that made the bezel thick. The ROG Phone 8 made the top bezel thin at the cost of a small blemish on the screen and a downgrade to the speakers (there’s no longer room for front-firing speakers).

The Asus phone lineup is in a weird state. The Zenfone line is supposed to be the mainstream offering, but the last couple of generations have focused on petite flagships. Now the gaming-oriented ROG line is trying to break into the mainstream as well, this time as a (much) larger phone.

It remains to be seen if this shift in strategy will pay off for Asus, for now all that we can say is that a price cut would do wonders for the ROG Phone 8’s popularity.

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