Twitch immortalizes Pirate Software’s Hype Train record with exclusive emote

Jeremy Gan

Twitch has immortalized Pirate Software’s Hype Train record with a new exclusive emote to commemorate his achievement. 

Jason Thor Hall, better known as the Game Director of the indie studio Pirate Software, who also happens to be a Twitch streamer under the same name, broke Twitch’s Hype Train record on April 1, a record that he held previously. 

In fact, Thor has broken the record twice before, but this time his Hype Train went to levels never seen before. And in commemoration of his achievement, Twitch has immortalized him with an exclusive emote. 

“In honor of Pirate Software’s record-breaking hypeness, a new level of Hype Train has been unlocked – and with a new emote,” Twitch announced in a Twitter post. 

When Thor broke the record at a Hype Train of Level 106, he became the first, and so far only streamer, who has unlocked the KappaInfinite emote as a reward. 

And now as the first to go past Level 100, if a channel reaches a Hype Train level of 106, they’ll get the DidIBreakIt emote with Thor in a Banana costume that he wore during his record-breaking stream. 

Naturally, Thor’s channel is the first, and so far only, channel to have this emote. 

“Everyone who was a part of the train is getting this global emote too. This is rad as hell and absolutely not expected,” Thor tweeted about the emote. 

When Thor reached Level 106 on his Hype Train, he amassed a staggering 54,380 Gift Subs and 8,225,386 Bits in total. 

For reference, his previous Hype Train record was sat at Level 55 with just over 1.3 million Bits and 9,665, set in December 2023. 

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