Twitch finally reinstates Sneako following unexpected ban last year

Content creator Sneako has finally been unbanned from Twitch after being barred from the platform for a year.

Nicolas Kenn De Balinthazy, better known as Sneako on social media and streaming platforms, revealed he has finally had his Twitch ban lifted after a year.

The content creator revealed the news on X, sharing the email he received from Twitch informing him of his ban lift.

In the official Twitch message, the company stated, “A member of our team has reviewed your request for reinstatement and can confirm that the correct enforcement was issued. 

However, given the details of your case, we have determined that you meet our reinstatement criteria and your request can be accepted.”

The company did further note that Sneako “stay informed and familiarize” himself with Twitch’s current code of conduct and policies because if not, he may once again be hit with a ban.

Following the reveal that he had now been reinstated on Twitch, Sneako called out YouTube, imploring them to follow suit; “The misinformation policies you banned me for are no longer active. Reinstate me like twitch!”

Sneako was banned on YouTube in March 2023, the platform claiming that he had “repeatedly violated” their policies. As well as this, his connection to Andrew Tate during this time was a major source of controversy given Tate’s alleged misogynistic commentary and polarizing opinions.

The content creator then created a Twitch account, however, he was then banned from Twitch for once again violating a code of conduct.

Given Sneako is now allowed to stream on Twitch, expect to see the content creator go live shortly, with more information on his ban and time away from the platform likely to pop up in the coming days.

As well as this, we’ll be sure to keep you updated if YouTube does heed his request and reinstate him on the platform as well.

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