Twitch adds new Hype Train rewards that cost six figures to reach

Brad Norton

Twitch just introduced new Hype Train levels tallying all the way up to tier 100, though in order to reach these heights and unlock the exclusive rewards atop the mountain, it could cost fans in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

When supporting your favorite streamer on Twitch, there’s a chance to trigger a Hype Train. Getting the whole community involved, Hype Trains are designed as limited-time events to keep the support rolling in. The more subscriptions and Bits piled up in the short window, the bigger the Hype Train grows.

Previously, the highest level anyone had reached was 55. Game developer and part-time streamer Pirate Software set the world record late last year after amassing roughly $60,000 in combined Bits and subs.

Now, however, the ceiling has been raised. There’s an exclusive level 100 reward available for Hype Trains that can push beyond the current world record, though it certainly doesn’t come for cheap.

Kappa Infinite is the Level 100 global Emote unlock through the newly beefed up Hype Train feature on Twitch. Though reaching this lofty goal is far simpler said than done.

While exact figures can vary a great deal, especially as streamers can directly change the difficulty of their Hype Trains, making it easier or harder to scale the levels, the minimum dollar amount required to reach level 100 is enough to make your eyes water.

Let’s take Pirate Software’s world record as an example. His 9,665 subs, assuming all were at full price and not with the Prime discount (which is incredibly unlikely but just for argument’s sake), that’s $48,228 USD alone. Then add on the 1,318,607 Bits, AKA $13,186 USD, and you’re looking at a $61,414 sum to reach a level 55 Hype Train.

As you climb the ranks, each new level becomes increasingly difficult, meaning the dollar amount gradually increases too. So you’re looking at six figures regardless, if hoping to reach the new pinnacle of the Hype Train feature.

One early estimate places it at around half a million dollars, though as mentioned above, plenty of factors can play into the final price tag.

So it’s not likely to happen anytime soon, but when a Twitch Hype Train does exceed the previous world record and climb above level 55, a costly chapter in the history books will be written on the climb to level 100.

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