This 3D-printed Apple Vision Pro stand keeps your $3,499+ headset safe and sound when it isn’t on your face

If you’re the proud new owner of an Apple Vision Pro you have no shortage of accessories to choose from. Quite apart from all the different components that make up the Apple Vision Pro box’s contents, Apple will sell you a wide variety of different bits and pieces that can be used with the headset. And some of them are definitely priced to match the $3,499 starting price of Apple’s first foray into the world of spatial computing.

Those accessories include an additional Apple Vision Pro battery pack for a cool  $199, while the same amount of money will change hands if you want to get a new case as well. The admittedly impressive Apple Vision Pro Travel Case costs just shy of $200 and gives owners somewhere to put their headset when they’re off on a trip and it even includes a space for the battery pack, ZEISS lenses, and more. And that isn’t all.

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