This 18TB NAS HDD is just $199 for Black Friday — grab it while it’s still available

I have over 250TB of storage, and while most of the drives are either IronWolf or WD Red Plus, I have 32TB of drives sourced from WD’s desktop hard drive enclosures, just like the easystore. All you have to do is buy the enclosure, remove the HDD from within — the process is called shucking — and you can then use it in your NAS enclosure the same way as any NAS HDD.

The downside is that it takes about 10 minutes to remove the drive from the enclosure, but the upside is considerable cost savings. WD is currently selling the 18TB easystore for just $199 at Best Buy, and that’s a $205 discount on what it usually costs. To give you some context, a NAS-focused WD Red Pro drive currently retails for $337, so you’re easily saving at least $137 by going the easystore route.

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