The Most Useful Plugins You’ve Never Heard Of… [AIXDSP Note EQ, Drum EQ, Multiband Gate & more] — SonicScoop

Yesterday, I went live with a demo of some of the most useful and unusual plugins I’ve encountered recently.

Aaron Carey of AIXDSP was integral with the launch and early development of the Reaper DAW, and he’s been designing plugins for YEARS under the name AIXDSP.

But they’ve flown a little under the radar as a brand… until now!

Aaron visited the channel to take a deep dive into their suite of tools—with a special focus on what I think are some of the most unique plugins they make: The “Note EQ“, “Drum EQ” and “Multiband Gate“. And that’s just a few of them.

Big thanks to AIXDSP for supporting the channel, AND for giving a limited time 20% discount off ANY of their plugins or bundles with the code SONICSCOOP at

Join me as I take a close look at the AIXDSP Plugins with Aaron.

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