The Epic Games Store May Have Just Leaked A Ton Of Games

Image: Square Enix

A new tool used to scrape info from the Epic Games Store may have just exposed tons of unannounced upcoming games like a long-rumored Final Fantasy IX remake and a new Turok. If accurate, the database listings could end up being the biggest batch of clues about new games since the infamous Nvidia leak.

EpicDB, which was shared on the gaming forum ResetEra on June 12, lets users search Epic Games Store listings, including entries that don’t normally appear on the front end of the digital storefront it seems. Initial results for publishers like Square Enix and Rockstar Games revealed entries for possible project code names for games that haven’t been announced yet or don’t currently have PC versions. Fans have been combing through the names and looking at corresponding data like cloud save file paths, file sizes, and associated DLC to speculate about what the mystery listings might before.

One is called “Momo” and appears to be for a long rumored Final Fantasy IX remake. That’s because associated DLC listings describe things like “Tetra Master Starter Pack” and “Thief’s Knives.” There is also a separate listing for “Skobeloff” which fans believe to be for an officially announced PC port of Final Fantasy XVI. Other listings from other publishers also point to potential surprises. One entry called “Semla” under Rockstar Games could be the rumored PC port of Red Dead Redemption, given a reportedly similar file size with the recent remaster of the game for consoles.

Saber Interactive, meanwhile, appears to have a hidden Epic Games Store entry that simply reads “Turok,” giving some fans hope that the dino-hunting classic might actually get a new sequel finally. Other codenamed entries are less surprising, like “Rhodeisland” which is possibly the upcoming PC port of The Last of Us Part II. The whole thing has led fans on a wild scavenger hunt searching for publisher codenames and trying to deduce what unannounced projects or ports they might be for.

It’s reminiscent of the massive Nvidia leak years ago which included entries so shocking, like Kingdom Hearts 4, that many presumed it to be an elaborate fake. One-by-one, however, many though not all of those leaked games were proven to be real. It’s always possible that some of the entries mined from the Epic Games Store is fake, speculative, or serving the purpose of a placeholder. But the fact that many are codenames rather than actual game titles has many convinced these are real projects that Epic Games just accidentally exposed.

A spokesperson for Epic said the company has since patched the store overnight to prevent further data scraping. “We released an update tonight so third-party tools can’t surface any new unpublished product titles from the Epic Games Store catalog,” they told Kotaku in an email. The website for the EpicDB tool also now reports that the Cloudflare server for it is down.


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