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Back in December of last year we revealed The Casting of Frank Stone at the Game Awards, and we couldn’t have been happier with the reception.

Not only did it become one of the event’s most buzzed-about titles, but it was great to see that like so many of us here at Dead by Daylight, people were genuinely excited to dive deeper into our universe with a standalone narrative experience. Expanding the world of Dead by Daylight alongside the crew at Supermassive Games has been nothing short of a thrill. 

Fresh off its premiere at Dead by Daylight’s 8th Anniversary Broadcast, The Casting of Frank Stone’s new Gameplay Trailer offers a chilling look at our cast of characters, setting of Cedar Hills, and the unspeakable horrors that await there.

For four young aspiring filmmakers in the summer of 1980, the quaint town of Cedar Hills is the backdrop to their first foray into moviemaking. With their Super 8 camera in hand, they set out to make their mark on horror cinema with the shoot of Murder Mill – a soon-to-be cult classic with an insidious influence. 

Four friends looking to make their mark on horror cinema.

Unbeknownst to them, the blood-soaked history of the Cedar Hills Steel Mill is far more terrifying than any screenplay they could imagine. Was it fate that drew the budding auteurs here, or something much more ominous? When their film unearths long-forgotten secrets of the town’s infamous serial killer, Frank Stone, they’ll find themselves pulled into a web of cosmic horrors beyond comprehension.

In true Supermassive Games’ style, The Casting of Frank Stone presents players with a dark, branching narrative and countless sinister threads to pull. Every piece of dialogue you pick, every decision you make pens the script – and may be the only thing standing between life and death for this group of young friends. 

This is a story where the unexpected lurks around every bend, and the choices you make can have consequences that impact the very fabric of reality itself. 

As the story unfolds, players will face horrors beyond comprehension.

Players will have to carefully consider every action they take as they explore this cinematic nightmare. Environmental puzzles and quicktime events lie in wait to test your wits. You’ll also need a keen eye to hunt down clues that reveal the bigger picture as you guide characters through haunting locations. 

“The world of Dead by Daylight is one that’s always been filled with deep stories,” shares Dead by Daylight Sr. Creative Director, Dave Richard. “But the game itself has its limits when it comes to how we tell those stories. With The Casting of Frank Stone, we get to explore these stories through a brand-new cinematic experience based entirely on player choices.”

Crafted for all walks of horror fans – whether they have experience with Dead by Daylight or not – The Casting of Frank Stone lets players in on the ground floor of a terrifying new tale.

The Cedar Steel Mill furnace chamber, 1963.

The Cedar Steel Mill furnace chamber, 1980.

“We can dig deeper into a Killer’s origin story and let players actually be part of it, which is unlike anything we’ve ever done before,” adds Dave. “It’s all still linked to The Entity, but this narrative plays out in our world, away from the Trials of Dead by Daylight, which is very interesting to us.”

The Casting of Frank Stone comes out later this year, and until then we’ve got an exciting road to launch filled with lots of great reveals ahead. 

Stay tuned for more info in the months to come, and wishlist the game today to make sure you never miss a beat.

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