The 5 Best Puzzle Shooter Games

If you enjoy pinball games on your iPhone or iPad, then INKS is one you need to check out. This fun game gives you the classic pinball action with a colorful twist.

Each time your pinball hits a color on the table, ink splatters. The colors will be in different spots, with various methods of hitting them, across the different tables. This makes for a truly distinctive pinball experience and if you like the ink creation you have made, you can take a snapshot of it to save or share.

The game offers 100 different pinball tables to play on, each with its own unique design. And of course, there are challenges that are a lot harder than they look. So, do not be too distracted by the colorful canvas you are creating because you still need to complete the table.

Your goal on each of the tables is to hit all of the colors. You will continue getting more pinballs, but cannot complete the table until all colors have been splattered about. Once you succeed, your pinball will retire to its home in the center of the table.

The game is $2.99.

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