Tether Tools Unveils New TetherPro Dual Right Angle Cable

Tether Tools, has announced the launch of its latest innovation – the TetherPro 15′ USB-C to USB-C Dual Right Angle Cable. Designed to perfect the art of tethered photography, this new cable promises to streamline the connection between camera and computer, ensuring a seamless creative process.

The TetherPro Dual Right Angle Cable stands out with its secure, angled connections, specifically engineered to enhance photographers’ workflow. It offers a snug fit in the camera’s USB-C port, significantly reducing the risk of accidental disconnections during critical shoots. The right-angle tips on both ends of the cable are thoughtfully designed; on the camera side, they ensure minimal interference, allowing photographers to focus on capturing the perfect shot without any distractions.

For additional security, Tether Tools recommends pairing this cable with the TetherBlock, creating a robust connection that can withstand the dynamics of various shooting environments. This combination is particularly beneficial for photographers who find themselves in fast-paced or movement-intensive settings.

Another key feature of the TetherPro cable is its ability to reduce strain on the computer’s USB-C port. The cable’s alignment along the side of the computer ensures an organized workspace and minimizes pressure on the port, a common issue in tethered photography setups.

Tether Tools has not compromised on the quality and durability of this cable. Constructed from a custom-formulated, rugged material, the TetherPro Dual Right Angle Cable resists kinking and withstands the rigors of repeated use. This durability is coupled with super-speed data transfer capabilities of up to 10Gbps, ensuring that image transfers are both quick and reliable. The bi-directional functionality enhances the efficiency of image transfer and camera control, making this cable a vital tool for professional photographers.

Backed by Tether Tools’ commitment to quality, the TetherPro 15′ USB-C to USB-C Dual Right Angle Cable comes with a 1-Year Warranty, offering peace of mind and a guarantee of satisfaction to its users. This new offering from Tether Tools is set to become an essential item in photographers’ gear, providing an optimized tethering experience that complements their creative journey. For more details check out the TetherTools website

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