Starfield players can’t get enough of new update’s “amazing” performance mode

Starfield has finally received its 60fps mode on Series X, and the community is in love with how it plays.

At launch, the game was locked in at 30fps. So when Bethesda announced there would be a new performance mode coming to the Series X version, fans were very excited.

It looks like the update has met those expectations and then some, as Starfield players are applauding how smooth the game feels now.

Over on the Starfield subreddit, users are sharing their experiences so far with the new performance modes available in the update. One person even says that it raises their personal rating of the game from “7 to 8.”

Another fan is happy to see how it makes the game just feel updated, saying the change helps it “feel like a modern game.”

When Starfield released, many players were disappointed to see that it was locked into 30fps mode. It’s become the norm for games this generation to have a Quality mode or Performance mode to allow people to choose.

Not having this option was a letdown for many, and since launch, they have continued to ask for a mode with a higher framerate to be added.

Even more, however, they’ve added more options for people with VRR-enabled monitors to use either 40fps or 50fps, and give more priority to graphical fidelity.

This is also a big win for Bethesda, whose Next Gen update for Fallout 4 was hit with some technical issues at release. That included problems with the new framerates that the game was meant to be hitting.

But it seems like they have a good one for Starfield right now, as the community expresses a renewed excitement for the game. It’s the perfect time for a bump in popularity as the game gets ready for its first big expansion coming soon.

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