Spidey fights a throwback Ultimate Comics villain in Ultimate Spider-Man #2 preview

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Unlettered preview pages for Ultimate Spider-Man #2 reveal Spidey facing an all-too-familiar foe, The Shocker, as his first supervillain.

Ultimate Spider-Man #1 has already proven to be a huge success for Marvel. The new series, which relaunches the popular Ultimate Comics imprint, sees an older Peter Parker take on the role of Spider-Man.

The first issue already had tons of changes, including the surviving Uncle Ben. The road to come is also rife with surprises, like the potentially spoiled identity of the Green Goblin.

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But the more things change, the more they stay the same. And preview pages for Ultimate Spider-Man #2 reveal he’ll still have to deal with a few familiar supervillains.

Spidey fights The Shocker in Ultimate Spider-Man #2 preview pages

In unlettered preview pages released on, Spider-Man is seen facing his first supervillain, The Shocker. Spidey seems to be getting his butt kicked, which isn’t too surprising. He’s not been Spider-Man for that long, after all.

In the pages, Spidey still hasn’t found his way to his traditional costume yet. He wears a picotech stealth suit sent to him by Tony Stark, who is Earth-6160‘s Iron Lad. The suit is a plain black affair, and there’s really no indication of how (or, frankly, if) he’ll eventually arrive at this traditional costume.

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Marvel Comics
Ultimate Spider-Man vs The ShockerMarvel Comics

However, longtime fans may appreciate the throwback. In the original run of Ultimate Spider-Man, the Shocker was one of the earliest supervillains Spider-Man dealt with.

The character became synonymous with the early days of Spidey to the point that he became a recurring tutorial boss in the Ultimate Spider-Man game. Shocker retained that status for Marvel’s Spider-Man, though he did get a huge setpiece boss fight.

Those Ultimate Comics did almost end in tragedy, as Shocker would eventually kidnap and torture Spider-Man, furious over being humiliated by a teenage superhero.

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Ultimate Spider-Man #1 has already proven to be a runaway hit for Marvel, with a second printing on the way.

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