Some Pixel users are reporting internet issues after Google VPN switch

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Multiple Pixel 8 users have recently reported unexpected problems with their internet connections. It seems that some websites and apps are not loading properly for them, and a potential culprit for this issue appears to be the VPN by Google app.
These issues began to surface yesterday after the shutdown of the Google One VPN, with Pixel users being directed to switch to the VPN by Google app. We reported yesterday on how some users were being left in the dust with no working VPN as a potential bug was holding back the rollout of the VPN by Google app for some carriers. However, now it appears that even some who did receive the updated VPN app are encountering difficulties.The situation doesn’t seem to be affecting all websites and apps, but rather specific ones. For instance, Amazon and Prime Video were mentioned as some of the ones experiencing loading difficulties, impacting both the sites and the apps. However, Wikipedia and Google were unaffected.

The extent of this issue also varies among users. Some report being unable to access any website or app, while others haven’t experienced any problems at all. The issue also seems to cause issues for users across different platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

For many, simply turning off the VPN by Google app seems to solve the internet connectivity problems. Additionally, the app received an update shortly after the reports surfaced, and some users have indicated that the update resolved their issues. However, the update may not be available to everyone yet, as it could be rolling out gradually.

For those still experiencing difficulties and haven’t received the latest app update, Google’s support page offers potential solutions for VPN-related connectivity issues. These include disabling the VPN directly from the system settings rather than the app, which has been effective so far.

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