Save Up To 50% On JLab Headphones And Audio Gear

Headphone manufacturer JLab is offering big, limited-time discounts on many of its wireless headphones and other audio gear ahead of Father’s Day. There are tons of deals at both the JLab online store and at Amazon, so we combed through the listing to round up the best since this sale is the perfect chance to grab a new pair of headphones, wireless earbuds, or even a new USB mic at lower prices.

Before we get to the deals themselves, it’s worth noting that, in some cases, the specific items and the size of the discount will differ between JLab’s store and Amazon, with Amazon usually having the better prices while JLab has more discounts overall. JLab is also offering a bonus promo deal for a free set of JLab Cloud foam earbud tips when you spend $100 or more, and Amazon Prime members can even use their account to get free faster delivery from JLab’s store. Of course, buying from Amazon means you get free same- to two-day shipping, so it’s worth checking both retailers.

JLab Wireless Earbud Deals

Unsurprisingly, the majority of the deals are for JLab’s earbud line, with numerous true wireless models on sale for up to 50% off. One of the best deals is for the JLab Epic Air noise-canceling earbuds, which are down to $70 (was $100) at both Amazon and the JLab online store. You can also grab the JBuds Air Pro for just $30 at Amazon, or $48 at JLab (normally $60). Plenty of other models like the JBuds Mini, JBuds Air, and Go Air are also part of the sale. Check the list below for a round-up of the best JLab true wireless earbuds deals.

More JLab Deals

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Beyond the litany of wireless earbuds discounts, there are also deals on other JLab audio gear like the JLab Epic Talk USB microphone that’s down to just $119 (was $150) at Amazon when you redeem the coupon code listed on the store page. You can also grab a set of the JBuds Frames speakers, which add open-ear audio to your glasses. The JBuds Frames normally cost $50, but you can grab them for $15.75 at Amazon or $25 at JLab. There are also deals on over-ear headphones, wired earphones, and more, including a bundle deal that includes pink color versions of the Go Air Pop, JBuds Mini, and Studio Pro over-ear headphones for $75 (was $100).

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