Samsung introduces its first Color E-Paper TV designed for advertising outdoors

During this year’s InfoComm expo in Las Vegas, USA, Samsung announced a Color E-Paper TV. It’s still a working prototype, but by the looks of it, it may launch sooner rather than later. It’s essentially a color e-ink display panel designed for displaying ads or PSAs in offices, malls, retail stores or even outdoor public places.

The tech behind it is quite fascinating. It’s a 32-inch TV with QHD resolution that can display up to 60,000 colors. It’s also just 17.9mm thick and tips the scale at 2.9kg without the battery.

Speaking of battery, the display itself doesn’t consume any power when showing a static image. The only time the TV needs power is when it changes the content on the screen.

It can do so by sourcing pre-loaded content on its 8GB internal storage, but it can also be connected via Bluetooth, Wi-FI and 2x USB-C connectors (one for power and one for transfers). The frame around the TV can be replaced easily and is compatible with 200 x 200 VESA wall mounts.

The Korean tech giant plans to launch the TV with a dedicated app that can easily manage the content on the screen.

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