Samsung Galaxy S24 FE is still coming, first One UI test build spotted

Samsung’s oft-rumored, not-yet-materialized Galaxy S24 FE does seem to be a real device that’s coming at some point, at least if we go by new information revealed today.

According to a tipster over on X, the first test One UI build for the S24 FE has appeared on Samsung’s firmware server today. This is labeled S721BXXU0AXE3 / S721BOXM0AXE3 / S721BXXU0AXE3, and apparently the model number SM-S721B is already confirmed to belong to the European S24 FE.

If Samsung has just uploaded the first test One UI firmware to its server, then we’re most likely still quite a way off from the S24 FE’s official launch. But, as of now, it is still coming.

The phone has previously been rumored to either launch in late 2024 or even this summer. Considering when all of the other FEs became official, we’re inclined to go with the former, but Samsung has surprised us before, so maybe it will release the S24 FE earlier this time.

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