Rosanna Pansino calls out MrBeast for allegedly “faking” his YouTube videos

Internet star Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson became the very first YouTuber to reach 300 million subscribers on July 10, 2024… but one of his fellow content creators doesn’t believe his viral videos are the real deal.

In fact, the most-subscribed YouTuber is gearing up for one of his biggest projects yet, where he’s pitting 50 YouTubers against one another for a $1 million prize.

MrBeast got praised on Twitter/X by tech reviewer Marques Brownlee, who wrote: “One thing I can tell you right now… this man does not fake his videos.”

However, another YouTuber isn’t convinced this statement is true. Rosanna Pansino, a creator known for her baking videos, openly refuted Brownlee’s claim in a quote-retweet that’s causing quite a storm on social media.

“It’s a nope from me,” she said. “Airrack was caught faking most of the videos for this ‘challenge’ with MrBeast. Jimmy promised to delete Airrack’s channel if he failed. I’m wondering why he didn’t delete Airrack’s channel. Could it be because… It’s fake?”

Pansino is referencing a previous collaboration between prank YouTuber Airrack and MrBeast, who threatened to ‘delete’ Airrack’s channel if he failed to upload a video every single day for 30 days earlier this year.

Clearly, Airrack’s channel is still up — something Pansino is taking issue with. At the time of writing, neither Brownlee nor MrBeast have responded to her post, which has ignited quite the debate between their fanbases in the comments section.

This isn’t the first time Pansino has had beef with MrBeast. In late 2023, she found herself embroiled in a feud with the YouTube star after claiming that he’d edited a challenge video she was in to make it seem like other high-profile male creators performed better than she had.

The two creators discussed things in DMs, leading Pansino to publish an apology toward MrBeast — a post that she later deleted, which she explained in yet another tweet that she also scrubbed from her profile.

“I redact my apology to MrBeast of not settling things privately,” she wrote. “Based on new information and developments behind the scenes, I have learned that certain issues will never be ‘handled’ privately, they will only be dismissed or covered up privately.”

It doesn’t look as though things have cooled between these YouTubers in the months that followed, leaving fans wondering if MrBeast will respond to the situation.

He’s not one to shy away from addressing criticism against him, though. In early July, the influencer called out those criticizing him for building homes in Jamaica, saying he’s “not just gonna stand by and do nothing” while people suffer.

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