Random: Players Are Recreating Mario Wonder’s Musical Moments In Mario Maker 2

In a game full of memorable moments, one of Mario Wonder’s more out-there sequences has to be the ‘Piranha Plants on Parade’ musical number. This Wonder effect completely took us by surprise on our first playthrough and has certainly stuck in our heads ever since. Fortunately, it looks like we were not alone in our admiration as some talented players have managed to recreate the musical moment in Super Mario Maker 2.

In case the sequence in question has slipped your mind, this is the moment where your standard platforming level turns into an all-singing and (some) dancing routine thanks to some very well-choreographed Piranha Plants. How exactly could that exist in Mario Maker? you might ask. Well, a couple of different ways, actually.

The above video from YouTube channel BeardBear shows two different methods that have been used to bring the trippy Wonder sequence to life. The first from user arnnar (54D-77K-SQF) is somewhat more faithful to the game itself, with Piranha Plants popping up all over the shop while the music plays — we are big fans of how the build managed to get a plant walking in this one. The second, on the other hand, is a musical extravaganza from ラガーばくはつしとけ (YSQ-D62-3PF) which, while it might not replicate the visuals to a T, manages to create Wonder’s backing track in real-time. Woah.

Two different approaches, yes, but both equally impressive. We still have our fingers crossed that Nintendo is planning to drop Wonder’s visuals into the empty Mario Maker 2 game-style slot (as unlikely as that is), but until then, we’ll have to be satisfied with bringing a bit of Wonder to the game in other, more creative ways like this.

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