Prepare To Typo With FromSoft Word, The Dark Souls Of Typing

Since From Software found mainstream success with games like Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls, there have been a lot of games inspired by those titles. The Souls-like formula can be found in a wide variety of games from different genres, but now, you can finally put your fingers to the test with the Dark Souls of word processors. Available now for free on, FromSoft Word challenges you to type up a storm and not make any typos.

There’s no F7 to save you, and no Grammarly to suggest you change a few words up–only a blank page, foreboding music, and the threat of an instant failure if you make a single typo. May the Elden Lords help you if you have a name that is spelled differently from the established norm and you type that down on the sheet.

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Created by Steven Nass and Peter Henningsen, FromSoft Word is more challenging than your first fight against Manus, Father of the Abyss. If you’re used to typing up a storm and editing later, you’re going to be in for a hell of a fight. The Dark Souls influence is also evident through the choice of font and familiar background music, and the real challenge here is to see how much you can type before you’re finally stopped by a grammatical error. Unfortunately, there are no bonfire checkpoints to save your progress every couple of pages.

In other From Software news, the studio is preparing to launch its first–and only–expansion for Elden Ring, Shadow of the Erdtree, on June 21. While two-thirds of PC players still need to get ready for the DLC, From Software president Hidetaka Miyazaki recently said that the studio won’t think any less of you if you decide to make use of guides when you return to the Lands Between. Elden Ring has surpassed 25 million players since it launched in February 2022, making it a big success for From Software and publisher Bandai Namco.

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