Palworld players left baffled after glitches send them flying through the air

Michelle Cornelia

Palworld may have only been released recently, but some players have already managed to find glitches within the game.

There’s no doubt that Palworld has been well-received by a massive number of people, considering the game managed to surpass 500,000 concurrent players and sell over a million copies just hours after its launch.

Regardless of how popular a game is, glitches or bugs are likely to occur at some point. Even more so when the game is being released during its early access state, such as in the case of Palworld.

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Some players have shared their experiences regarding glitches that sent them soaring in the air. In a post on X, one player showcased a short video detailing how this bug can happen.

The clip started with the player approaching a Lamball and hitting it with a wooden baseball bat. Once the fluffy Pal was defeated, a Pal Sphere was thrown in its direction, trapping the creature inside the ball.

The sphere was then seen briefly floating in the air while showing the Pal’s capture progress. During this short time frame the player quickly hopped onto it and, all of a sudden, they were launched into the air before using the glider to land safely on the ground.

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Others posted a similar clip, though they were not as lucky to survive the fall without a glider. That said, this bug has garnered quite the attention, with people sharing their opinions in the comments.

“This is f****ing hilarious,” one user commented. Another suggested, “It could be called something like Getting On The Ball, but this’ll almost definitely be fixed in a patch lol.”

On the other hand, a different player discovered one hilarious bug that sent them flying while “asserting air dominance.” Instead of using a glider, their character instantly snapped into the classic T-pose as they descended to the ground.

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Needless to say, this was met with a “Who needs gliders when you can T-pose glide” response. One user also said, “This is my personal [favorite] glitch next to ball hopping.”

There’s a chance these glitches might get patched, but at the moment, it seems that players are enjoying the game regardless.

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