Palworld players have existential crisis when realizing they’re the “6th Pal”

Shane Black

After an innocent request, the Palworld community is reckoning with their existence after realizing their place in their own team.

Palworld allows players to craft the perfect team of Pals that suits their playstyle. They can bring a flying mount, a Pal that fulfills a specific role, or the most powerful one in their collection.

The game offers everyone five slots to fill for their team, giving them a decision to make every time they want to leave their camp to accomplish a task.

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However, the Palworld community is now questioning everything they knew about this after debating whether or not there needs to be another slot given for Pals.

Palworld fans are realizing their true place in the game’s hierarchy


Riding Pals in Palworld is quite easy

A Palworld player took to the game’s subreddit to speak on how they wish there was one more slot given for Pals in a team.

“… I also want one that’s good for capturing other pals, or one of every element, or that other really cute pal… how can I limit myself to only five?”

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At first, the community was debating whether or not the game needed another Pal in each team, but everything was quickly thrown off when some members brought up a big realization:

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“This question actually comes up a lot but it seems that most players seem to forget that your character is basically the 6th slot since you’re actively able to engage with enemies and take them down.”

As can be expected, the response to this was one of profound amazement and reflection on how players are a part of the game’s ecosystem. “That‘s actually a pretty good explanation. I haven‘t thought about that before,” says one user.

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It seems that many Palworld fans have allowed themselves to fall into a more passive role that they would be in with a game like Pokemon, rather than doing everything they can do in this one. This enlightenment also helps them feel better about what the game allows them to do already:

“Calling them back to avoid damage, rotating your cooldowns, plus while not as useful you can Fortnite build in many battles. 5 + player is pretty perfect.”

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Despite the game’s best efforts to differentiate itself, it seems many Palworld players still find themselves gravitating towards that Pokemon style of playing.

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