Palworld: How to find each Black Marketeer

Eleni Thomas

Palworld includes rare Black Marketeer vendors who offer up special items, here is how to find each of the NPCs across the map.

Palworld has taken the gaming industry by storm. The new title breaking records on Steam and already amassing millions upon millions of players.

The new game, which many have dubbed as being a violent version of Pokemon, requires players to gather and purchase resources to help themselves traverse through the land and battle their way through the various challenges they may encounter.

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Within the game, players can find rare resources and other hard-to-find tools, many of which can then be sold for a major profit. However, the best place to sell these wares is with Black Marketeers.

Who are the Black Marketeers in Palworld?

Black Marketeers can be found across various locations on the map in Palworld and will purchase stolen goods or illegal Pals for full price. In addition to this, gamers are also able to sell captured humans for a massive profit.

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The Black Marketeers also sell some valuable items that can be hard to find anywhere else, such as Pals of higher rarity and variety than standard Pal Traders. Meaning players can get their hands on some rare Pals that they may not have encountered or come across before.

For those struggling to find any Black Marketeers in Palworld, here is the easiest spot to find one as well as some general tips on where others can be found throughout the game.

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Pocket Pair

Black Marketeers sell and buy rare loot from players.

First and foremost, it’s important to know what you’re looking for when hunting around for Black Marketeers. These NPCs look as shady as you’d expect and can only be described as some sort of ghoul-like creature.

As well as this, they can be seen wearing an executioner’s hood and also smoking a pipe, all the while wearing a scary-looking smile on their face. The easiest Black Marketeer locations to find are the following.

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All Black Marketeer locations in Palworld

The Abandoned Mine Black Marketeer

The first Black Marketeer players will be able to find is the Abandoned Mine, just west of the Desolate Church waypoint. 

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Simply spawn at the waypoint and head west. From there, players simply need to drop down the cliff and follow the Pal Spheres that can be seen on the ground near the mine entrance. Keep following this path and players will run straight into the first Black Marketeer.

The Duneshelter Black Marketeer

Similar to the Abandoned Mine vendor, the Duneshelter Marketeer is another easy location and spot to find. The NPC can be found sitting just outside the Duneshelter ruins. Instead of walking straight into the abandoned city, players should head right and walk along the outer wall to find them.

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The coordinates for the ruins are 345, 364.

The Secret Mineshaft Black Marketeer

The next Black Marketeer to discover can be found past the Dessicated Dessert, towards the PIDF Tower entrance waypoint. However, it’s important to note this is a more challenging area for players and will require both heat resistance and cold resistance gear. The vendor is located west at coordinates 496, 340.

The Mount Obsidian Black Marketeer

The final vendor location is by far the hardest one to find and travel to. As such, this Black Marketeer does offer up some of the best loot, including the 29,184 gold Relaxaurus. 

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This vendor can be found on the southern beach of Mount Obsidian. For reference, this location is just west of the Beach of Everlasting Summer waypoint. Continue down the beach past the Seabreeze Archipelago and once you arrive at the end, the Black Marketeer will be waiting for you.

And that’s everything you need to know about where to find the Black Marketeers in Palworld. After more Palworld guides? Be sure to check out some of Dexerto’s other content below.

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