Palworld Dev Working to Fix Serious Bugs, Including Lost Save Data

While Palworld has enjoyed an enormous launch, there are a number of serious bugs affecting players. Developer Pocketpair said it’s working on issuing fixes, including for players who are unable to enter servers, unable to play multiplayer, and a dreaded lost saved data bug.

In a post on the Palworld Discord, community manager ‘Bucky’ said the developer had received over 50,000 inquiries since the game went on sale on January 19. “We sincerely apologize for the delay in response from our support team,” Bucky said.

Bucky said save data from single-player and co-op “may be able to be restored”, and pointed to a Google Doc with instructions to help. “We apologize for any inconvenience caused,” Bucky continued. “Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.”

Palworld has a particularly nasty bug that may cause the ‘Memory Reset Drug’, which is used to reset character stats, to permanently reduce the player’s capture power. Community manager Kei said Pocketpair is investigating this issue, and warned players not to use the item until a fix was issued.

Palworld has also suffered issues as players flood the servers. Pocketpair said that after concurrents across all platforms exceeded a whopping 1.3 million, the Epic Online Service experienced outages, causing connectivity issues with co-op and servers.

While Palworld is a clear smash hit, it is not without controversy. Last week IGN reported on how some Pokémon fans were taking to social media to point out striking similarities between Palworld’s Pals and the Pokémon themselves. Elsewhere, the Xbox version continues to lag behind the Steam version in terms of key features and updates. Palworld’s enormous launch has seen its servers struggle, too.

Check out IGN’s Palworld Early Access Review in Progress to find out what we thought.

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