OnePlus 12’s cameras get detailed ahead of the phone’s global debut

In less than 24 hours, OnePlus will finally introduce the OnePlus 12 for international markets, following the phone’s initial announcement for China back in December.

So now is a great time to talk about its cameras, OnePlus has thought, since it just put out a press release that’s all about them. Let’s dive in, shall we?

The OnePlus 12 “will boast an industry-firt” customized Sony LYT-808 main camera, with a 1/1.4-inch sensor. The size lets it absorb 50% more light than the IMX890 main sensor used in the OnePlus 11, which should ensure exceptional performance in low-light or back-lit environments. The company promises you’ll get shots with “remarkable details and clarity”. There’s also a special filter to reduce red glare and artifacts.

The OnePlus 12 also has a 64MP periscope telephoto camera with 3x optical zoom, 6x in-sensor zoom, and 120x “Hybrid Zoom”. This uses the OmniVision OV64B 1/2-inch sensor with an f/2.6 aperture. The sensor is 76% larger than the IMX709 used in the OnePlus 11, letting you capture “stunning photos at any distance”, according to OnePlus.

Interestingly (and, perhaps, tellingly), there’s no mention of the ultrawide. It will be present, of course, it’s just not highlighted – so we take it that this will have the smallest degree of improvement (if any) compared to the OnePlus 11’s camera system.

OnePlus 12's cameras get detailed ahead of the phone's global debut

The company also boasts about its latest HDR algorithm, which can “replicate the interplay effects of natural lights and shadows” to deliver “breathtaking photos”. We’ll wait for our tests to confirm, of course. The new algorithm “comprehends what it sees”, OnePlus says, and we’re incredibly surprised it missed this opportunity to utter the “AI” buzzword.

Portrait Mode gets an additional focal length that “embodies the iconic Hasselblad style”, simulating the natural bokeh and flare effects of Hasselblad XCD 30, 65, and 90V lenses. The 1x to 3x Portrait Mode on the OnePlus 12 “delivers an authentic depth of field with seamless transitions between the subject and the background”.

Finally, the Pro Mode isn’t called that anymore – say hello to Master Mode, while for video shooting there’s support for 4K with Dolby Vision.


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