One UI 6.1 introduces a standalone Samsung Find App with the Galaxy S24 series

One UI 6.1 made its debut alongside the Galaxy S24 series last week, ushering in some noteworthy changes, especially when it comes to integrating AI in many of the features. A significant shift also comes from Samsung’s decision to move away from exclusively relying on the Find feature within SmartThings and introducing a standalone app.For users accustomed to tracking their Samsung SmartTags through the SmartThings app, a change has arrived. The familiar Find feature within SmartThings has been replaced by a new standalone app called Samsung Find, as highlighted in a recent post by Mishaal Rahman on X (via 9to5Google).

Unlike its predecessor, the Samsung Find app offers an enriched experience with additional features beyond the SmartThings app’s capabilities. The app structure remains familiar, featuring tabs showcasing a map in the upper segment.

While it’s not exclusive to SmartTags, the app accommodates People and Items tabs alongside the Devices tab. The Devices tab conveniently displays trackers, phones, and watches. The People tab allows users to track the locations of friends and family with their consent (hopefully).

However, Rahman’s post indicates that the Samsung Find app is currently without the “notify when left behind” feature, which prevents users from leaving their devices behind. This functionality is present in the SmartThings app and is expected to be added to the Samsung Find app through future updates.

Despite the introduction of the Samsung Find app, it appears that the SmartThings app isn’t entirely letting go of the Find feature at the moment. The coexistence of a standalone app on Galaxy devices suggests a potential transition away from the SmartThings app in the future. For now, the Samsung Find app will come pre-installed on the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra. If you have a Galaxy device and update to the latest One UI 6.1, you can download it from the Galaxy Store.

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