Nothing is launching something on April 18, probably the Ear (3)

Last week Nothing dropped a teaser hinting at the Ear (3) TWS earbuds launching soon, and today we get a new teaser that also has an unveiling date attached. Whatever’s happening, it will happen on April 18.

The Ear (3) is still the most likely product to be launching on that occasion, so don’t get your hopes up for the Phone (3). There’s a beetle and a frog, and they’re going on a play date.

Sure, that’s as vague as can be, but remember that the beetle was used last year to tease the Ear (2) launch. So it looks like the frog will leapfrog (sorry, we had to) the beetle in 2024, hence – Ear (3).

There are still no details whatsoever about the Ear (3), but maybe a leak or two will pop up in between now and April 18. We’ll keep you posted.

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