Not getting previews with your iOS Gmail notifications? Use this fix now to bring them back

For the last couple of days I noticed that instead of getting notifications with previews from Gmail on my iPhone, I would see a banner with the Gmail icon that said “You have a new message.” This forced me to open the Gmail app every time this notification would appear on my screen in order to see who sent me the Gmail. I have no idea what brought this on and after doing some research, it appears that this is an issue that is more widespread than I originally thought.

The same thing happened to a Reddit user after he updated his iPhone 13 mini to iOS 17 more than a month ago. Another Reddit subscriber noticed the same thing was happening to him today after updating to iOS 17.2.1. Two days ago, this happened to an iPhone 13 Pro owner while three days ago, an iPhone 14 Pro owner experienced the loss of Gmail previews on his iPhone 14 Pro. I had installed iOS 17.2.1 last month when it was first released so I know that an iOS update was not responsible for the loss of Gmail previews on my iPhone.
If this has happened to you, fear not. There is a workaround that fixed my iPhone 15 Pro Max and I am now receiving Gmail preview notifications once again. Here is what you do. Open the Gmail app and tap the three-line hamburger icon on the left side of the search bar on the top of the display. Scroll up and tap on Settings. Press Email notifications and that will bring up a box with three options: All new mail, High priority only, and None. Tap on None and then tap on Done at the upper right corner of the display. Turn off your iPhone.

After a minute or two, turn your iPhone back on and follow the directions above to return to the Email notifications in Gmail. This time, select from either All new mail or High priority only. Hit  the Done button in the upper right corner, and that is it. You will get Gmail notifications with previews once again. And to reiterate, this morning I was getting the notifications without the previews. After trying the fix, previews returned to my Gmail notifications.

If you’re suffering from this problem, try the fix now and let us know if it brought previews back to your iOS Gmail notifications.

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