No more waiting until December: Spotify’s new feature delivers Wrapped-like stats all year

Spotify, one of the world’s top music streaming services with over 615 million users, is well-known for its personalized experience and features like the end-of-year Wrapped. Now, the company is enhancing this experience with the new My Spotify.

Spotify’s newest feature is like having Wrapped all year long

The Swedish company announced that users will notice new home page banners and personalized app messages highlighting their My Spotify listening habits. The rollout of My Spotify will kick off in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand over the next few weeks.

– Marc Hazan, VP of Marketing and Partnerships at Spotify, June 2024

Listeners will spot new banners and personalized messages revealing their listening habits. They can dive into unique Spotify features like daylist, DJ, Blend, Daily Mix, and the Made For You hub – a go-to spot packed with playlists, podcasts, features, and recommendations tailored just for them.

The new feature is all about your personal listening habits. Screenshots from Spotify show various banners, like one saying, “Last month you listened to Doja Cat 58 times,” and encouraging you to check out a curated Doja Cat mix. Another screenshot suggests a DJ mix of Go Gina because you played her tracks multiple times last month.

The new campaign is open to everyone, not just Premium subscribers. However, it is still unclear when it will roll out to countries beyond the ones already mentioned above.

Introducing new features like this is a smart move for Spotify, especially after the recent subscription price hike. In the US, Spotify Premium is set to increase by $1, bringing the monthly cost to $12, starting next month.

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