Mubi is my favorite iPhone app for when I travel

Apple has revealed the best apps for iPhone and beyond in 2023, and I’m delighted that Mubi made the list. It was chosen as the best in the “Apple TV App of the Year” category, which makes sense considering Mubi is a streaming app with a fantastic collection of must-watch movies. You really should watch Mubi on a big TV. The problem is, you can’t always carry a big TV around with you, but you can always carry your phone.

That’s why Mubi is one of my best iPhone apps of 2023. I get how that sounds. It may seem disrespectful to the Gods of Cinema to shrink such great art to a tiny screen. But after spending the last few months traveling and waiting for delayed planes, trains, and buses, I’m here to tell you that Mubi did a fantastic job keeping me entertained – yes, even from the 6-inch screen of my iPhone 14 Pro.

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