Metal Gear Solid Delta’s Permanent Damage System Sounds Sick

One of the many amazing games shown off during the 2024 Xbox Showcase on June 9 was the upcoming Metal Gear Solid 3 remake. Officially titled Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater, the new trailer gave us a fresh look at the gorgeous updated graphics for the 20-year-old game. In tandem, Konami also updated the game’s website with new information, including a fascinating reveal that damage will permanently mark Snake. That feels like a proper Kojima-esque design flourish, and fans are absolutely here for it.

Under the section “Authentic to life portrayals,” the remake’s site details an overhauled damage system focused on lasting wear and tear. Harm to Snake’s body, including bruises and bullet wounds, as well as damage to his clothes, will be reflected in real time. “Any injuries to his actual body will leave their mark permanently,” reads the blurb, “telling a story of each player’s unique journey through the game.”

Despite the jokes about how messed up you will be able to make Snake look by the end of the game, players are genuinely excited about the feature, and especially how it feels so fitting to the franchise’s odd choices. MGS games are known for their weird design flourishes that seemingly have no real purpose beyond complexity. In MGS2 you can watch a cup of ice melt in real-time, and in the original MGS3 you could win a fight against an aging sniper, The End, by simply waiting seven real-world days for him to die of old age. As absurd as these features may sometimes seem, they always add to the depth and immersion of the world. The upgraded damage system of MGS Delta feels like a logical next step for the series, and many see it as a truly Kojima-level choice.

As for how far the new damage system will go, Konami hasn’t given details on what to expect beyond what’s explained in the short blurb on the website. My best guess is that all damage taken by Snake will be able to be healed (this is a video game after all) but will leave a lasting scar, eventually creating a tapestry of mistakes or close calls with death unique to you. Maybe death will leave an exceptionally deep scar on Snake to remind you of when and why you failed. In any case, it’s a fascinating tease of what’s to come in Metal Gear Solid Delta.


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