Meta will soon allow users to unlink their Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger accounts

Meta made a lot of concessions in order to be allowed to continue to function across the European continent, such as adding the ability to use Instagram and Facebook for free with ads, or subscribe to stop seeing ads.

Starting this month, Instagram and Facebook users in the EU, EEA and Switzerland will be offered additional choices about how they manage their accounts across Meta’s social apps.

These new choices are offered “to address the requirements of the DMA, which enter into force in March 2024,” Meta states in a press release. In the next few weeks, those who use Meta’s social apps, specifically Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger, will be notified about their ability to choose whether they would like to share information between apps in case they have multiple accounts.

For example, users who linked their Instagram and Facebook accounts will be able to unlink and manage them separately, or they may choose to continue to connect their accounts through Meta’s Accounts Center so that their info will be used across both their accounts.

Also, Messenger users can choose whether they wish to continue using the app with their Facebook accounts, or if they want to create a stand-alone new Messenger account. Those who choose the latter will be able to use the app’s core service, including private messaging and chat, voice and video calling.

Meta revealed that those who play games on Facebook can choose between a gaming experience that uses their Facebook information or one without that. While the former will get the full experience like multiplayer games, in-game purchases, and personalized game suggestions, the latter will only get to play some single-player games.

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