Meta launches “nighttime nudges” to remind teens it’s time to go to sleep

Meta introduced a lot of new features specifically designed for teens using social apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. From parental supervision tools to more privacy features, Meta has been trying to limit teens’ access to unwanted interactions and content on its social platforms.

Today, the social giant announced yet another new feature that won’t be limiting access to any content but rather remind teens that it’s time to … go to bed. Suggestively named “nighttime nudges,” the new feature is meant to make it easier to manage the time teens and families spend on Meta’s apps.

For once, Meta recommends a big category of users that spending time on its apps when they should be sleeping is unhealthy. The new nighttime nudges will have been designed to show up when teens have spent more than 10 minutes on Instagram in places like Reels or Direct Messages late at night.

The nighttime nudges function as a reminder for teens that it’s late, and encourage them to close the app. Obviously, that’s not going to happen in many cases, but at least Meta is trying to convince teens to do the right thing. Perhaps some will heed the “Time for a break” warning.

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