Jake Paul grabs quick first-round TKO to beat Ryan Bourland in latest bout

Jake Paul made quick work of the 35-year-old Ryan Bourland on Saturday night. (Nathan Ray Seebeck/USA Today) (USA TODAY Sports via Reuters Connect / Reuters)

Jake Paul wasted very little time Saturday night.

The YouTuber-turned-boxer rolled over Ryan Bourland with ease in their bout in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on Saturday night. While it was supposed to be one of Paul’s toughest fights in his career so far, Paul landed a flurry of punches and had no issue grabbing a first-round TKO win.

With about 30 seconds left in the first round of the eight-round fight, Paul backed Bourland into the corner of the ring and started landing a barrage of punches to his head — which sent Bourland doubling over before the official called the fight and awarded Paul the win.

The fight was over in less than three minutes, almost before it could even get started.

Paul now holds a 9-1 record in his career, with his only loss coming against Tommy Fury last year. He’s now won three straight. Bourland, 35, entered the fight with a 17-3 record with 6 KOs in his career. He’s fought just once in the past five years.

Though Paul didn’t reveal who he wanted to fight next, he insisted that he wants to keep fighting better and better boxers — which is something he’s rarely done so far in his career.

“It’s back to the drawing board,” Paul said in the ring after his win. “I don’t want to give anybody the attention because a lot of these guys don’t want to sign the contract, especially when I keep on doing s*** like this to all my opponents.

“I’m on the path to world champion. I want to keep on fighting tougher fights. If a money fight pops up, I’ll take it because those are fun. But for now I’m staying on the path of fighting real fighters and increasing the level of opposition.”

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