Is European public support for Ukraine faltering? | Russia-Ukraine war

Angry farmers in Poland and elsewhere are protesting against cheap imports from the war-torn country.

The European Union has been one of Ukraine’s biggest backers in its fight against Russia.

One of the many ways it’s given its support is by reducing tariffs on Ukrainian agricultural imports.

But now, European farmers are pushing back.

They say their livelihoods are being undermined by foreign competition and they want the trade barriers reimposed.

Is this part of a bigger backlash? And can European leaders ease discontent while maintaining their support for Ukraine?

Presenter: Jonah Hull


Aleksandra Rybinska – journalist and commentator

Tymofiy Mylovanov – president of the Kyiv School of Economics and former minister of economic development, trade and agriculture

Suzanne Lynch – chief Brussels correspondent for Politico Europe

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