How to add more Pals to your base in Palworld

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Palworld is all about collecting adorable creatures to train up, battle, and also force into work for ridiculous amounts of gold, so here’s how to add more Pals to your base.

Palworld has become one of the heavy hitters for 2024’s gaming landscape. The open-world survival game with just a hint of capitalism has captured players’ hearts and attention, quickly surging up Steam’s charts.

The title saw its fair share of controversy, however, with many players claiming that the devs had stolen designs from Pokemon. CEO of Pocketpair Takuro Mizobe came forward to defend against these claims.

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Despite all this, players have still become addicted to the title, creating a base filled to the brim with Pals who will do their bidding. With that being said, here’s how to add more Pals to your base so you can do the same.

Pocket Pair

Pals are incredibly useful for your base, as they’ll help build, craft, and gather items for you.

Adding more Pals to your base

Pals throughout Palworld can be captured using Pal Spheres. Once captured these creatures can be placed into your base and will assist you in your activities for completely free. This includes harvesting, crafting, and building, making them a useful asset as a ruthless money money-hungry adventurer.

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The amount of Pals players can have in their base is correlated to their base level, so the higher the level base, the more Pals you can have in your base.

Palworld PalboxPocketpair

Your Palbox contains a section that allows you to drag Pals over to work on your base.

To add more Pals to your base you’ll need to head to your Palbox. The Palbox will show all of your owned Pals, and contain a section that allows you to add them to your base. Dragging any of your pals into the Pals At The Base will automatically spawn them at your base.

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It’s worth noting that you need one bed per working Pal at your base, so make sure you have plenty of beds available, or your Pals will swiftly lose their sanity and stop working.

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