Honor starts Android 15 Beta testing on Magic6 Pro and Magic V2

Honor announced Android 15 Beta 1 is now available to all developers, willing to test their apps on Honor phones. The early access includes the Magic6 Pro and the foldable Magic V2, which will offer a playground for devs to test their apps’ performance on the upcoming Android 15.

The new Android 15 will provide greater control in a more secure device environment. The OS has an SDK sandbox, allowing services such as advertising to be run in a sandbox, preventing third-party apps from collecting sensitive information and private user data.

There is also an enhanced Privacy Indicator that will bring new permission management portal, enabling you to be more aware of the status of your privacy protection.

Honor Magic V2
Honor Magic V2

Honor announced it will “proactively support” developers testing, adapting and optimizing their apps on Magic6 Pro and Magic V2 in the following Android 15 Beta update later this summer.

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