Here’s Your First Look At Sonic X Shadow Generations: Dark Beginnings

Update [Wed 10th Jul, 2024 03:30 BST]:

Sega has now shared the full video on its official Sonic the Hedgehog YouTube channel. Here’s a bit more about this upcoming prologue series, which is arriving in Fall 2024.

“Take a sneak peek at the upcoming prologue animation SONIC X SHADOW GENERATIONS: Dark Beginnings! Past and present collide in a frantic chase for truth and understanding! Shadow is haunted by the memories of battles fought and lives lost. But these nightmares aren’t just lingering pain! They’re prompted by a force Shadow thought was destroyed. Join Shadow as he embarks on a mission of discovery in the upcoming 3-episode prologue animation, SONIC X SHADOW GENERATIONS: Dark Beginnings, coming this fall!”

Original article [Sun 7th Jul, 2024 06:25 BST]:

To celebrate the year of Shadow the Hedgehog, Sega is releasing a new animated series officially titled Sonic X Shadow Generations: Dark Beginnings. As part of Anime Expo 2024, it held a special panel showing off the first teaser trailer.

In it, you can see not only Shadow (voiced by Kirk Thornton) but also Maria (Stephanie Sheh), and spoiler alert… Emerl, who originally debuted in the 2003/04 Game Boy Advance title Sonic Battle. Studio Giggex is behind the animation, Ian Flynn is the writer, and the series will be a “three episode prologue” scheduled to arrive this Fall.

During the panel, Sonic Head Takashi Iizuka and company showed off a “brief history” of the Shadow the Hedgehog timeline featuring some of the character’s pivotal moments in his career ahead of the release of Sonic X Shadow Generations later this year as well as Dark Beginnings. They also discussed the character’s creation.

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