Google’s “At a Glance” widget no longer tied to the Assistant in latest update

Android users may have noticed a subtle change to a familiar home screen feature. The “At a Glance” widget, a staple on Android devices, is no longer explicitly tied to Google Assistant. This shift signals a potential rethinking of Google Assistant’s role in the Android experience.

The “At a Glance” widget has long been a helpful tool, conveniently displaying essential information like the current weather, upcoming calendar events, reminders, and more. On Google Pixel devices, it is actually a permanent fixture (for now). On other Android devices, it is usually found within the list of Android widgets under the Google category and is aptly named “Assistant at a Glance,” clearly showcasing its connection to Google Assistant.

In October of last year, the widget received a redesign, giving it a more modern and material look. However, as noticed by 9to5Google, the most recent beta version of the Google app (v. quietly removed the word “assistant” from the widget’s title and settings descriptions.

“At a Glance” widget description before and after the Google app update

This change leaves room for speculation and suggests a deliberate move to distance the “At a Glance” functionality from the Google Assistant branding. It is unclear at this time what the reasoning behind this decision may be. However, we suspect it has something to do with the launch of the Gemini app on Android, which was rumored to be an eventual replacement for Google Assistant.As it stands right now, the Gemini app on Android devices does not offer the same functionality as the Google Assistant does. It is still lacking basic features such as creating or changing a timer or alarm, reading web pages out loud, or even something as simple as recognizing a song that’s playing.

Regardless of Google’s long-term plans, the change ultimately makes the widget’s name more streamlined and descriptive. I hope this also signifies major improvements to come to the Gemini app in the future in order to make it a true replacement for the tried-and-true Assistant.

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