Google Messages is about to put Gemini front and center (APK teardown)

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  • Google is working on adding a new fab in the Messages app.
  • The new button will allow the user to start a conversation with Gemini directly.
  • Beta users should see the Gemini fab appear soon.

Since early this year, users of the Google Messages app have been able to chit-chat with Gemini. However, it takes a few steps before you can start a conversation with the large language model (LLM). Google is planning on streamlining the process by adding a new fab that takes you directly to the chatbot.

An APK teardown helps predict features that may arrive on a service in the future based on work-in-progress code. However, it is possible that such predicted features may not make it to a public release.

In what seems to be an effort to put Gemini front and center, the Messages app could soon get a new fab that directly opens the Gemini conversation screen. We discovered this new button in app version messages.android_20240610_01_RC00.

Currently, to start a conversation with Gemini, you need to tap on the Start chat button at the bottom right of your messages list. From there, you’re given the option to open the AI’s conversation page. With this new fab, all you’ll need to do is tap the Gemini logo above the Start chat button, and you can start typing in prompts.

You’ll also notice that the new button is fairly smaller than the Start chat button. We’re uncertain if this is intentional or a bug.

Taking one step out of the process may not seem like much, but the change may be about more than just simplification. The intention behind this move could also have something to do with wanting to increase interaction with Gemini.

This new fab hasn’t rolled out to beta users yet, but it’s likely that you’ll see it soon.

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