Fortnite Lantern Trials 2024: Challenges, rewards & more

Rishabh Sabarwal

Fortnite Lantern Trials are back in 2024 and you can earn free rewards by completing some challenges. Here’s how to do them easily.

Lantern Fest 2024 celebrations in Fortnite have been going on since March where players could play mini-games in UEFN. The Lantern Fest Oasis map (Code: 5629-9147-3382), features different game formats for players to complete and earn XP by completing certain objectives.

However, Epic Games has released a new set of challenges called Lantern Trials for players to complete in Battle Royale and Zero Build modes to earn free rewards. If you’re wondering how to complete them all and earn rewards, we’ve got you covered right here.


How to participate in Lantern Trials 2024

In order to participate in Fortnite Lantern Trials 2024, follow these steps:

  • Head to the official Lantern Trials 2024 website.
  • Click on Log-In to sign in to your Epic Games account.
  • And you’re done!

Now you’re registered for the Lantern Trials 2024 and can check your progress along the trials on the same website.

Players can earn free rewards by completing Lantern Trials challenges.

All Fortnite Lantern Trials 2024 challenges and free rewards

Fortnite Lantern Trials 2024 brings three simple challenges and free rewards for players to complete in Battle Royale, Ranked Battle Royale, Zero Build, and Ranked Zero Build modes. You won’t be able to complete these in any other game modes.

Here are all the challenges and associated rewards in Fortnite.

How to earn badges in Lantern Trials 2024

Earning badges is rather simpler in Fortnite Lantern Trials 2024. In order to earn one badge in Lantern Trials, you need to survive five storm circles in the game.

To earn all 11 badges to claim every free reward, you need to survive 55 storm circles cumulatively in the eligible game modes in Fortnite.

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