Fan-favorite anime returns after 13 years in Summer 2024

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One of the most beloved anime is returning in summer 2024 after 13 years — so here’s everything you need to know about it.

Last year, Netflix confirmed a sequel to a beloved Shojo anime, Kimi ni Todoke, after making fans wait for 13 years. Kimi ni Todoke is based on the manga by Karuho Shiina, which has always been one of the best-selling series.

The manga debuted in 2005 and the anime show started airing in 2009. The second season aired in 2011, leaving fans with no news of a sequel. The anime was never finished due to the lack of source material. Even after the manga ended in 2017, there hadn’t been any news until September 2023.

The series had yet to get a release window. Now, the streaming giant has just announced in a new trailer that Kimi ni Todoke anime is returning with its highly-anticipated season 3 in Summer 2024.

According to Netflix, the official synopsis of Kimi ni Todoke Season 3 reads: “What do you do once you’re a couple? Although she struggles with her blossoming feelings, Sawako comes to terms with herself and tells Kazehaya how she feels about him.

“Attracted by Sawako’s unnoticed efforts and genuine personality, Kazehaya also candidly makes his feelings known. Thus, their new relationship begins. Their first date, their school life together, joy, embarrassment, and new struggles — everything is fresh and new as the couple awkwardly and gradually learns more about one another, all while their friends’ love stories begin to take shape as well.

“This bittersweet and poignant story of young people, woven from their romantic feelings and dear friendships, begins once more.”

You can catch up with the previous seasons on  Hulu, Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Funimation. However, the third season of the anime will be exclusively available on Netflix once it premieres in August 2024.

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