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Eventide releases the H90 Harmonizer.

Eventide’s H90 builds on the iconic H9 Harmonizer with architecture from the classic H9000.

With its roots in the H9 Harmonizer multi-effects processor, the H90 offers 62 effect algorithms and hundreds of program combinations curated for a variety of instruments and genres. The compact H90 features include comprehensive I/O, flexible routing options, an intuitive UI designed for players, and a built-in tuner.

The H90’s modern ARM-based architecture, derived from the world’s most powerful effects processor, Eventide’s flagship H9000 Harmonizer, gives it the power to accommodate the ongoing creation of advanced, next-gen effects never heard before.

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Universal Audio releases Hitsville Reverb Chambers.

Harness the timeless Motown sound with Hitsville Reverb Chambers by Universal Audio.

Hitsville studio’s attic-converted reverb chambers were essential to Motown’s iconic sound. With help from the original engineers who built them, UA captured the full character and ambience of the spaces heard on some of the greatest soul recordings ever made.

Hitsville Reverb Chambers features simple controls, allowing you to quickly dial in classic reverb sounds on vocals and instruments. And with Dynamic Room Modeling technology—the same used on UA’s Capitol Chambers and Ocean Way Studios plug‑ins—you can go deeper by repositioning the chamber mics to explore new sounds beyond the original positions.

Offered to Apollo/UAD hardware owners and UAD Spark subscribers, Hitsville Reverb Chambers is available in UAD software v10.2. Click here for further information.


Warm Audio debuts the Warmdrive overdrive pedal.

Warm Audio pays homage to a classic overdrive pedal with the Warmdrive.

The Warm Audio Warmdrive is a true reproduction of the most sought-after “amp-in-a-box” pedal of all time, delivering the tones of a truly unattainable overdriven amp. Both guitar heroes and modern virtuosos like SRV, Eric Clapton, Robben Ford, John Mayer, Santana, and Cory Wong are known to have used either the original amplifier or the pedal inspired by it.

With an artist roster like that, it’s no wonder that original vintage pedals are talked about amongst the most demanding and discerning chasers of tone. Staying true to the legacy, the Warmdrive delivers all the tones of the original pedal and amplifier that inspired it.

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Novation reinvents the Circuit Rhythm with firmware 2.0.

Novation supercharges their Circuit Rhythm with the 2.0 firmware update.

With the new Beat Match feature, Circuit Rhythm owners can speed their samples up or down to get drum breaks perfectly in time with their session and make beats flow seamlessly. Fixed Length Recording lets you record samples in perfect time with their current project. A new toggle in the Sample Record View lets creators choose between a fixed length sample recording of 8, 16, 32, or 64 steps.

Beatmakers can create dynamic sonic performances and take control of grid FX parameters directly from Circuit Rhythm using editable Grid FX, so they can keep their mind on the music. They can also store patterns and muted track states to Scenes to quickly build an arrangement for their beat, without the need to have any empty patterns in a project.

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