‘DO NOT MENTION SWITCH 2’ – We Infiltrate Nintendo And Sneak A Peek At Its 2024 Calendar

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Today, Jim sneaks into Nintendo HQ and spills the contents of a file marked ‘PLAN B’…

I don’t have much time so I will keep this quick.

Thanks to the diligent work of my uncle, I was able to sneak my way into the Nintendo’s secret vault located in an undisclosed London location.

As I moved through the shadows past rooms stocked with pre-boxed copies of Zelda remasters and a door that simply read “MOTHER 3 (WEST) — DO NOT OPEN”, I stumbled upon a table, littered with files and various Nintendo paraphernalia that immediately caught my eye.

Poking through a stack of Geno amiibo, I noticed a black folder with “PLAN B” written on the top. My curiosity got the better of me, and, sweeping aside the plastic figurines, I lifted the Wii U GamePad paperweight which was keeping everything in order and took a glance at the contents.

What I read shocked me to my very core. These were the plans for the coming year, a year without the ‘Switch 2’. Thumbing the pages, I saw swathes of re-releases and remasters, all fine-tuned in their scheduling to keep the Nintendo fanboys onside as the Switch marches through its eighth year on the market.

Image: Nintendo Life

Suddenly, footsteps. I grabbed my phone and snapped up some pictures of the most shocking pages while committing the rest to memory. I shut the folder and quickly leapt into a nearby cabinet full of unreleased LABO packs and Wiimote accessories. The guard — a large American man with the build of Reggie Fils-Aimé (though I did not see his face) — passed through the room and I was able to escape.

I am sure that I have mere minutes before deadly ninjas track me down. But this information has to be seen. Please take what I have to show you as absolute fact.

This is what I can remember (and what I was fast enough to photograph) from Nintendo’s console-less 2024 plans.

“PLAN B” – Nintendo Secret Plans 2024

The opening page was dull and unassuming. It laid out exactly what the document was going to be about. A clear message of “DO NOT MENTION SWITCH 2 UNTIL 2025” immediately caught my eye and I couldn’t help but notice that somebody had doodled in the bottom corner. Is that a PS5 on fire? Did Miyamoto draw that? The questions would only continue from here…

Nintendo Secret Plans - "To be used in the event that we opt for no Switch 2 in 2024. The following information is be to kept TOP SECRET and should not be leaked on any Nintendo-focused entertainment websites. Follow these plans BY THE LETTER. They are 100% factual and should not be considered otherwise. Remember, DO NOT MENTION SWITCH 2 UNTIL 2025"
Image: Nintendo Life

There was no faffing about from here on in. You might think that an important document such as this would have a little more filler to hide the juicy bits, but I can tell you that is wrong. This is a real file and clearly whoever made it did not have the time or creative power to pad it out with unnecessary corporatespeak.

And so we hit the plans for the February 2024 Direct:

Nintendo Secret Plans - "FEBRUARY DIRECT 2024. Super Princess Peach Showtime - March 22nd 	- Dedicate a solid 20 mins to this. Splatoon 3, Side Order DLC - April 2nd Reveal another (another) amiibo. Luigi’s Mansion 2 - August 2024 NOTE: Final title is now Luigi’s Mansion: 2 Dark, 2 Moon HD. Paper Mario TTYD - October 2024. Kirby Mass Attack: Deluxer - Coming Soon. Bad licensed tie-in library coming to GBA on NSO Launch titles include: Shrek, Bratz, Power Rangers: Dino Thunder & Narnia. Zelda Phantom Hourglass / Spirit Tracks double pack - Coming soon. Oh god, they’re going to hate us"
Image: Nintendo Life

Crazy, right? Yes, the release dates are pretty unsurprising and, of course, another Kirby remaster is on the way, but who would have thought that the hotly-anticipated Zelda double-pack would be Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks??

Speaking of real gob-smackers, I thought that it would be worth grabbing a snap of the page titled “Da Movies” (I can only assume in a reference to that one Vin Diesel video). We knew that Nintendo was looking to branch out and become a multi-armed entertainment company, but this is next level:

Nintendo Secret Plans - "DA MOVIES 2024 Mario Movie 2 confirmation in Q4, announce Danny DeVito as Wario NO MENTION OF ZELDA MOVIE UNTIL AT LEAST 2026 2025 Mario Movie 2, 12th Oct 2025 DK TV Series (title TBA) throughout Summer 2026 Zelda movie casting announcement & teaser Release movie in December Bowser cameo secures ‘NCU’ (see below) NCU . The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023) . Mario Bros. Movie 2 - Let’s-a Go Again! (2025) . The Legend of Zelda: The Movie (2026) . Animal Crossing: Big Screen (2027) . Metroid: Other M(ovie) (2028) . Smash Bros: The Return of Bowser (2029)"
Image: Nintendo Life

A discarded post-it note carelessly tossed aside seemed to suggest that Nintendo is looking for more Doug Bowser-style name-to-brand synergy in its executives over the coming months. Vanessa Kirby, Ridley Scott, Zelda Williams, and Gino D’Acampo (pending spelling change) were all given as potential options.

The June Direct page left me with even more questions: When will the remasters end? Who would leave such an important document on the table? Is that the Aerial font? But Reggie the guard’s footsteps were getting louder and I knew that the contents had to be seen to be believed.

Nintendo Secret Plans - "JUNE DIRECT 2024 . More Paper Mario: TTYD footage Yes, we need it . Kirby Mass Attack Deluxer - November 12th . Kirby’s Dreamier Buffet - Available today! . F-Zero GX-tra - 2025 $60 but physical pre-order comes with a cool pin badge . Spirit Tracks / Phantom Hourglass Double Pack - March 2025 Showcase “brand new” touch controls . Metal Combat: Falcon’s Revenge - Feb 2025 What do you mean, “I don’t remember it”? Tie-in Switch Super Scope controller . Pikmin 5 - Date TBD DO NOT mention for the next 10 years"
Image: Nintendo Life

I had an inkling that some of the remasters this year were going to lean a little obscure, but bringing back the Super Scope Battle Clash sequel, Metal Combat: Falcon’s Revenge? That feels a little like scraping the bottom of the barrel. Hey, if Nintendo can really nail the Switch motion controls, then we might just be onto something there.

Being tight for time, I skipped past taking photos of the next few pages. One was all about a mobile app named ‘Pikmin Bloomier‘ and had a lot of red-penned notes next to its contents. Another detailed a long email chain in which Masahiro Sakurai repeatedly asked for a Kid Icarus: Uprising Switch port but wouldn’t explain how he had “revolutionised the control scheme” when asked.

And so we hit the last page that I was able to photograph until I had to flee: plans for the final Direct of the year. Honestly, it looks like we’re going to be going out with a bit of a whimper, though the emphasised “DO NOT MENTION SWITCH 2” hammers home the fact that 2025 might be different.

Nintendo Secret Plans - "NOVEMBER DIRECT 2024 . Hollow Knight……. Jumps into Fortnite today! New skin and glider . Mario Kart 8 Booster Course Track Special Wave Pass Ultimate DLC Deluxe - 2025/6 Remaining circuits released in 37 ‘waves’ . [Insert cat-based indie game here] . Seriously, All Of You Better 1-2-Switch! - May 2025 . Zelda II: The Adventure of Link - Remaster - 2025 Tie-in Switch carry case . Baldur’s Gate 3 is coming to Switch - Apr 2025 DO NOT show load screens or non-cutscene visuals . Metroid….. Prime….. Pinball - Sep 2025 REMINDER: DO NOT MENTION SWITCH 2"
Image: Nintendo Life

I hope that the above information has been useful. It was a dangerous mission, but this deserves to be seen.

Luckily, I seem to have escaped unharmed. Yes, the yellow van with ‘Super Mario Bros. Plumbing’ written on the side has been parked out the front of my house for a few days now, but I’m sure that’s nothing to worry about.

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