Dave Burke steps down as Android engineering VP

What you need to know

  • Dave Burke announces that he’s moving away from his role leading Android engineering, but will continue as an advisor.
  • Burke is seeking new “AI/bio projects” within Google, although details on his successor have not yet been revealed.
  • Burke is one of the latest Android leads to transition away into a new role following the major Platforms & Devices reorg earlier this year.

In a surprise announcement on Wednesday, long-time Android engineering VP Dave Burke revealed that he is stepping away from his role. Burke said in a post on X that “it’s time for a change” after 14 years leading Android engineering and that he’ll continue as an advisor for the time being.

Burke further elaborates on his decision to depart from his role in a lengthy email to his colleagues that he shared via LinkedIn, explaining that he is “exploring AI / bio projects” within Google with the help of CEO Sundar Pichai.

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